Athens is a vibrant city in the heart of Greece. With a timeless aura and lordly ancient sites and monuments, local cuisines, and ancient mythologies, this city has plenty to offer. Whether you’re climbing the Acropolis or tasting the local delicacies, there’s no end to what you can see and do in Athens. 

While in Athens, make sure you don’t miss out on some of the city’s famous monuments. This Greek city is filled with many amazing sights, which can be seen with a bicycle tour or walking tour. If you’re interested in exploring all of Athens’s most important sites, there are many English-speaking tour guides that can show you around the city. It’s a great way to spend your vacation, as well as meet new friends.

Stay at local hostels

Budget-minded travelers will be happy to know that many of the city’s hostels are relatively affordable. Many of the local hostels in Athens have a great locations. They are also close to major tourist attractions, including the Acropolis and the Plaka. Several hostels even have a rooftop bar for guests to enjoy. Besides the view, many of them have free Wi-Fi, kitchen facilities, and televisions. Most have free breakfast as well. All are convenient and affordable.

When looking for a good hostel in Athens, the best place to stay are the hostels for students and travelers. The friendly staff of the hostels can assist travelers with booking trips and tours, and guests can relax in the hostel’s cozy courtyards.

Go sightseeing

If you’re planning to spend more than a few days in Athens, you may want to combine your Sightseeing with Athens tours. While this may seem like an inefficient way to experience the city, you can get the most bang for your buck by purchasing a combined ticket for the Acropolis and six other sites. Afterward, you’ll probably be exhausted, but there’s one thing that you absolutely must do in the city: enjoy the sunset. This view of the city is unparalleled.

The National Archaeological Museum houses artifacts from Greece’s ancient past, including bronze age frescoes from Santorini. You can also tour the Stoa of Attalos, the Ancient Agora, and Hadrian’s Arch. Another must-see is the Tower of Winds, which is regarded as the oldest known meteorological center in the world. Lastly, you can take a walk along the Apostolou Pavlou pedestrian street, where you’ll see the remains of the statue of St. Paul Apostle.

The Argolis peninsula is also worth a visit, home to the ancient cities of Mycenae and Argos. These cities boast picturesque amphitheaters and crumbling citadels. You’ll also have plenty of time to take pictures. You can also spend time shopping in Athens’ leafy Plaka district. Here, you’ll find numerous traditional restaurants, shops, and cafes, as well as the Zappio Palace.

Enjoy the local cuisine and drinks

During your vacation in Athens, make sure to sample the local cuisine and drink offerings. Greek food is the epitome of Mediterranean cuisine. Try a cooking class, a food tour, and a chance to dine in a Greek home. 

Brunch in Athens is an international experience with traditional and international dishes. The city’s finest eateries are clustered around the city center and Athens Riviera. You can try traditional dishes like the Greek version of the Croque Madame, or you can try something a little different for brunch. 

If you’re into cocktails, you must know that shots and mixed drinks can be expensive in Athens, so it’s best to stick to beer or wine. A variety of beers, including imported German beer, is available at reasonable prices. 

Make new friends at hostels

There are many advantages of staying at a hostel in Athens. You’ll be close to everything, and you can also meet new people. The hostel is a great place to make new friends and share your travel experiences with others. All hostels are located in the same neighborhood, which is a touristy area, but still has many bars, restaurants, and clubs. 

Depending on your budget, you can choose a hostel at low prices. Most cheap options will only cost you a few euros per night; however, look out for amenities and their locations before booking. Make sure to book your hostel in advance to avoid last-minute hassles. You can even make new friends with other travelers at a hostel in Athens.

Travel uncharted

When traveling to Athens, you can experience a world-class travel adventure with uncharted escapes. There are many tour providers that offer unique all-year-round Land Rover safari adventures and speed boating tours in Rethymnon and other locations throughout Greece. Guests can also enjoy a gourmet Greek breakfast and a glass of local wine on board.

Guests can enjoy private yacht charters, expert guides, and helicopter transfers. You can also take a tour of the Acropolis with an archaeologist and enjoy a unique dining experience in a private restaurant featuring ancient Greek fare served on antique tableware.

If you would like to venture out of the city center and explore more of the city, consider renting a car in Athens. Public transport is efficient and inexpensive, but renting a car provides exceptional freedom. However, if you’re planning to explore more remote parts of the city, a car will be essential. Aside from the Benaki Museum, Athens also has the national art movement Technosphera, started by Vassiliki Tambouri. Its goal is to promote creativity, among others.

Whether you’re looking for an authentic neighborhood or a bustling touristic area, Athens has something for everyone. While there are many touristy areas, there are also several authentic neighborhoods that you can explore on foot. Several traditional stores sell herbs and nuts to locals, and you can sample some of these items in Koukaki. While this neighborhood is primarily local, you can also find an array of creative art in the Exarchia and Psiri neighborhoods.

How to select the best hostels at affordable rates

Athens hostels are not known for their low prices, but you can still stay in a private room for just $20 a night if you don’t mind sharing with other travelers. For more expensive options, you can also consider private rooms in dormitories that cost up to $60 per night. If you are traveling with a group, you can also opt for freight buses, which are cost-efficient and convenient.

Alternatively, you can choose a private room at a hostel that is located close to the Acropolis. You can get a free tour of the city from the hostel’s staff. All rooms are air-conditioned, and there are staff members at the hostel who can help you organize your trip. If you’d like to experience Greek hospitality firsthand, you can arrange a free walking tour of the city.

Benefits of staying in hostels

Whether you’re on a budget or a bit of a party animal, there are many benefits to staying in a hostel for your vacation in Athens. You can enjoy a communal atmosphere while still ensuring your privacy. Some hostels have kitchens, laundry facilities, and even a terrace. If you want to spend a night or two away from the crowds, you can choose to stay in an old townhouse.

Some of the city’s hostels are located near the Acropolis. These hostels are usually cheaper than hotel rooms, and you can take advantage of amenities like Wi-Fi and computers. Some hostels even offer free tours of the city. They also have staff on hand to help you plan your trip. You can even take advantage of the on-site travel agency for advice on things to see and do in Athens.

Located in Acropolis, most hostels are easily accessible and friendly. The rooms are clean and equipped with all the amenities you’ll need to stay comfortable. Guests of this hostel can enjoy activities such as pub crawls, movie nights, and games rooms. The hostel staff is always eager to help you plan your trip and make your stay as memorable as possible.