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Best Food To Try in Athens

Greece is not only famous for its mythology but many other factors. One such popular factor is Greek cuisine. 

Athens being the Greek capital city, has one of the best cuisines in the world. This city is surrounded by the Aegean Sea, which makes it a perfect place to eat delicious seafood cuisine. 
Apart from seafood, the Athenians also enjoy other fresh meat and vegetables in their cuisine. Olives, grapes and cereals are some essential ingredients for Greek cuisine. They also eat a lot of cheese and fresh baked bread.
The reason behind their unique cuisine is historical culture. Athens is a culturally rich city. Being one of the oldest city in the world has its perks, and it comes in the form of unique cuisine. 
Their food choices have also influenced by western and eastern countries. You will find various restaurants and cafes in Athens. This place is known for its cuisine. 

The name of the Greek dishes can be quite intimidating, but don’t let is sour your taste buds. You can join a foot tour or go to some of the popular awards winning restaurants. 
However, don’t trap yourself to one type of food. You need to try the food from local street vendors as well. It is where the real essence lies. 

Best Food to Try in Athens:

The food choices and names will confuse you in the beginning when you visit Athens because they have a unique and one of a kind cuisine. So here are some of the best food items you need to try in Athens as a visitor. While you cannot taste the food by merely reading this article, you can let your imagination fly to Athens and taste this fantastic mouth-watering cuisine.

– The Greek Dips:

The Greek dips are famous for enhancing the taste of any food item you eat. Although it is not a complete meal, it is a crucial part of the meal. It would be best if you tasted the unique and different types of Greek dips. There are three popular types of dips, i.e. tzatziki, taramasalata and melitzanosalata. You can try these dips with pita bread. You can also take it with meat and
vegetables. It goes with almost everything.

Tzatziki: This dip is made from yoghurt and cucumber. They add lemon juice, olive oil
as well as herbs to enhance the taste. 
Melitzanosalata: It is made from roasted eggplant. They add lemon juice, garlic and oil
in it.
Taramasalata: This is different from the other two dips. It’s made from cod fish eggs. 

Moussaka (Μουσακάς) :

It is a popular Mediterranean dish which is available in many countries. However, the Greek Moussaka has a unique taste. It is an oven-baked dish. This dish is the highlight of many family
gatherings. It comes in layers. At the bottom, there is minced meat. They use eggplant and potatoes in vegetables. It is mixed with béchamel sauce. This creamy combination makes the top layer. You can add spices like cinnamon and allspice to enhance the taste. The Moussaka recipe differs from one restaurant to another.

Horiatiki Salata (Village Salad) :

The name sounds weird, but it merely means Greek salad. This is a traditional Greek salad which
is very healthy. It is made using various fresh ingredients. The main elements of this salad are
fresh juicy tomatoes and cucumber. You can add olives and feta cheese on top. For seasoning,
you can use, olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano. This salad is perfect for keeping you healthy,
give you energy for the tour and fill your belly. 

Loukoumades (Λουκουμάδες) :

This is another sweet dish. They are small Greek doughnuts. It is soaked in honey and other syrups. There is walnut as well as cinnamon inside it. It is crispy from outside and fluffy from inside.

You can enjoy it with Ouzo (Greek Alcohol)

 Briam:
It is a vegetarian food cuisine, but even vegans can enjoy it. It is a traditional Greek dish. They use various types of vegetables in it. It includes eggplant, potatoes, carrots, peppers and zucchini.
They mix it with fresh tomato sauce. It is a type of light salad. They most eat it during summers.

Courgette Balls:
The traditional name of this dish is Kolokithokeftedes. This conventional Greek starter is like
heaven for your taste buds. This dish has a perfect outer crust and juicy, soft and creamy texture on the inside. The main ingredients in this dish are feta cheese. They perfectly combine it with fresh mint to balance the taste. You can try it with any of the Greek dips. You can eat as a starter or combine it with a meal.

 Shrimps with Feta and Tomatoes (GARIDES SAGANAKI):
Seafood is a big part of Greek cuisine. You don’t need to guess the ingredients of this dish as it is mentioned in the name itself. It is a trendy recipe. Freshly caught shrimps are cooked. It is seasoned with spicy tomato sauce and feta cheese. You can add other natural spice to enhance the taste. You have to eat it with pita bread.

 Bougatsa

It is a sweet dish. People mostly eat it as a part of their breakfast with some coffee. It means sweet pie. There is custard cream inside the pie. On top, there is phyllo crust. You can add a pinch of cinnamon or sprinkle powdered sugar as well. It is available in almost every café and restaurant. You can order it any time for any meal. You will also get a salty version of this dish.
They add minced meat, cheese and spinach in it. A vegan version of Bougasta is also available.

 Souvlaki:

It is made from chicken or pork. Small pieces of the meat are grilled. They put the meat along with other vegetables in skewers and grill it. You can eat it with a dip or salad. You will find this dish at taverns and local stalls.

 Octopus:
The Greeks catch octopus from the sea and dry it near the shore. They mostly marinate and grill it. It makes an excellent appetizer and main course. You can season it with oregano and balsamic vinegar. 
We bet you are craving some of these fantastic delicacies! You will find all these cuisines in almost every café, restaurants or local food stalls in Athens.

 Traditional Greek Giros

For last we keep the world famous Greek Street food that will blow your mind! Fresh pita bread with Chicken or Pork Giros (The Traditional Greek Way) try to stay out of donner and keep it Greek. This Combo most of the times goes with onions, tomatoes, fresh cut fries and of course Tzatziki Spread. If you worry about the garlic you can substitute the tasty Tzatziki with Sauce (Σώς) another delicious spread.

These are the best food items to try in Athens as a visitor.

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